General Care

With proper care, all jewellery from WHY NOT will last a lifetime and beyond.

To ensure the lifespan of your pieces, please remove during activities like weightlifting, gardening, showering or swimming.

Avoid exposure to perfumes, lotions, oil, tan, chlorine, hairspray or cleaners.

When not being worn, store your pieces into the jewelry box provided by us or sealed plastic bags to avoid scratches or tarnish.

Sunlight can damage any jewellery, ensure your jewellery does not stay in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


Just like natural diamond, when worn constantly, they can accumulate dust, grime and oil. They don’t really turn dull, they just get dirty.

To clean them thoroughly, soak your jewellery in warm water with a few drops of oil-free dish soap. Gently scrub with an old soft bristled toothbrush and rinse with tap water. Allow to air dry after cleaning.